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Matzos for the New Year

[W]hen my local supermarket sets out an attractive display of different varieties of matzo—egg, and whole wheat, chocolate, and more—I know a holiday is coming. And not just Passover. They celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah and I wouldn’t be surprised to find them on display to remind us that Purim or Shemini Atzeret is upon us.


The Relevance of Grace Paley in the Trump Era

Grace is one of our great teachers; she believed that righteous action creates goodness. We can learn from her in our struggle to resist the horrific Trump administration.

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South America’s Jewish Prostitutes (Sex Slaves, Really)

I have no explanation for this Jew-on-Jew crime, other than to look at the effect of trauma on human beings in general, who can become immune to the pain and suffering of others.  Maybe as a nation, we suffered so much trauma that individuals within our society showed these symptoms.

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Why Molly Wernick is an Advocate for the Separation of Church and State

There’s another element to the abortion rights conversation, and that has to do with the separation of church and state.  “It’s also a slap in the face to my own religious freedom,” says Molly Wernick. 

Jamie Allen Black, JWFNY CEO

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

Not only could women solve some of the most intractable problems around the globe, but that more attention – and funds – must be designated to make these efforts successful.

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